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25 Oct '17

Competitions: Lux Street Open

Posted by ONE LUX

Writing by Kevon Thompson
Photography by Aja McCoy

The idea that rollerblading is dead is the opposite of what Downtown San Jose experienced September 30th, 2017. ONELUX took over the streets and threw one of the biggest street comps the Bay Area has seen in quite some time.

We first want to say thank you to all that came out for the event. It’s your support that keeps this brand and our culture alive. To the skaters, thank you for putting it all on the line. I know you guys were focused on killing it but you should of seen the amount of non-blading spectators we had. So many people on there way to a sharks game had to stop and be amazed by the tricks you we’re throwing out there. Thank you to everyone who shot video and photos of the event. Thank you for capturing such a special moment of Bay Area blading.
With out further ado, lets get into the Lux Street Open.

Spot One: San Jose Creek ledge
With random hobos and a shallow creek, we start our competition on some of the best ledges where anything is possible. I’m not going to say this is where dreams are made of, but Hilary Duff knows what's up. We have heavy hitters in the game: Victor Arias, Gene Steagall, Korey Waikiki, Derek Henderson, Philip Moore and so much more, going at it over 8 heats to qualify for the next rounds. Derek Henderson banging out an amazing True Top Sole on the highest part of the ledge with that truly one of a kind Metal Blading style of his. Gene had the longest grinds of the session stomping trick after trick after trick: Top Porn, Full Cab AO Sole, the entire bottom ledge Full Cab out and front Farv 720 out. Just hammers. Chad Tannehill came through with a heater that really none of us were ready for: Misfit to AO Mistrial Full Cab out making it look like we should all have this in our bag of tricks. Dustin Jamieson had fresh K2’s, a helmet that has no scratches, and sole grinds that slide so much longer than the ledge, that it takes to the judges stairs to finish. Definitely a fun spot to start off the comp. There was even a BRAND NEW pair of Deshi DK4’s. Had everyone asking “What year is this?!”

Spot Two: New Shotgun Rails
The second spot was definitely the tech section of the competition. Take one down rail, add another down rail, and place them about a foot apart down stairs. Place a light pole ever so conveniently so that landing competitors could go from best day ever, to only being able to sip food from a straw. Your scene is set, you’re welcome. If you ask anyone about spot two, they will respond with Korey Waikiki. Korey came through with the the most technical switch ups that started on one rail, and ended on the other. Every trick was pretty much first try and It was amazing. Philip Moore through down a fire true Negative Acid that kind of made us question our existence….I know I did at least. Chad Tannehill was at it again with gap AO Porn, Gap AO Topsole, Gap AO Topacid and so much more. He also took the hardest slam of round two for sure, but he was up and at em and was able to skate hard in the third round. Michael Braud deserves to have a beer bought by every rollerblader skating in round two. Our mans stood right in from of the pole saving skaters from a vegetative state. Also I just wanted to point out that Dustin Jamieson Cess Slid the stairs.

Spot three: Sharks Stadium Down Rail
I call it the beast, others call it Goliath, I’m pretty sure Philip Moore and Chad Tannehill call it, Saturday warm up. This rail is anything if not huge. I like painting scenes now so let me paint this one. A mob of rollerbladers gather around a huge, rusty, down rail, that doesn’t seem like it should be skated, unless you’re trying to get your ender for Regardless. The dirtiest of landings, and we started this competition in a creek! Mixed in with the dirt was glass, rocks and the strongest pheromones of urine, just lingering. The landing runs straight into a chest high gate. What’s on the other side of that gate? A 10 foot drop right into the San Jose River. I mean, if you want to hold the final round of a rollerblading competition, I don’t know a better place to do it!

The sun is setting and a San Jose Sharks game is ready to begin. If I had to pick a more romantic time to lace a Topsole, I couldn’t. Amongst the slew of skaters, sharks fans turned into blading fans to watch these guys defy gravity, and death to handle this down rail. Bangers laced, let’s see. Cameron Talbott, started us off with a beautiful Kind grind. Anthony Luna follows back with an impressive Negative Makio. Korey Answers back with a very impressive True Topsole, AO Top porn, and THEN AO Top porn to Forward Royal. How he had that much time to switch up, the world may never know. Stephen Babcock threw his hat in the ring with his signature Negative Acid. The longer I type this, the more I realize that this is a very negative competition. Chad throws down, Front Savanna, AO Topacid,  And a True Mizue with more authority then the police officer that kicked us out. The trick of the day happened at this spot. Philip Moore touched this rail with just his hand before busting out a True Negative Misfit! So perfect it belongs in the blade museum next to the Farmer Exhibit.

We ended the festivities with a product toss, free skate raffle, and a Happy Birthday to Lux’s own Kevon Thompson. Winners were crowned. Third Place: Philip Moore, Second Place: Korey Waikiki and First place: Chad Tannehill. Best Trick: Philip Moore for the amazing True Negative Misfit.

Again we want to say thank you to everyone who came out to blade, Everyone who supports the brand, and everyone that loves to ride around with wheelie shoes.

A total of $1,650 cash for the winners was coming from Mike and Keezy's pockets in combination with those who had donated. Of course we were not able to cover all $1,650 ourselves but with everyone contribution of purchasing LUX gear and small donations here and there we made it happen. The goal is to have this competition grow every year, not only in attendance but also in prize money. We want to make this competition worth the travel out and most importantly, bring back this vibe back to the industry that made us who we are.

Be on the look out for any announcements for next years Lux Street Open and save the date. More importantly, keep an eye out for the t-shirts that will be sold for contributing to the 2018 winners. LUX STREET OPEN is not possible without your help.